Went out for a little dinner with the guy again. We’ve texted a bit the past few days too. He’s a perfectly nice guy but I don’t think we’re a good fit. I think he needs a nice, sweet girl and I know that’s not me. Don’t get me wrong, I am nice. And I am sweet. But I don’t think he’d be able to handle all of the sides of me. Simply put, I need someone who can challenge me and I can challenge right back. That’s how you grow as a person and as a couple.

My friend thinks I should give him a third date. I have been single for quite some time so it has been nice talking with someone, but I don’t want to lead him on with a third date if I already know I’m not into him. I am tired of being just by myself but I’m not going to be with someone just for the sake of being with someone.

I need to go out more.

Ps- my hair looked super duper cute tonight. Tried this thing where you wear a headband then you loop your hair through the back of the band so it gets all twisted up. Looks adorable and I’m so proud of myself for doing something with my hair that’s not a ponytail or just straightening it. Sad to say the highlight of my night was my hair and not my date.


All of today was by the stopwatch. Trainer and I going back and forth

1 mile elliptical warm up

Battling ropes- 20 minutes total/ 30 sec each at a time. Alternating, doubles, slams, snakes, hip toss, uppercuts, sides, jumping jacks( those were tough), reverse lunges, side lunges

Kicks/knees- 10 minutes

Jabs- 10 minutes. Squared up to the bag then switched up the stance with right then left forward. Our bag isn’t hanging so I was holding it for my trainer when he was throwing and my goodness it was just knocking the air out of my lungs. Yeah… he had to drop to his knees to do his sets. Easier to absorb his throws with my hips than my ribcage

Ground and pound- 10 minutes. Straight jabs, some hooks, hammer throws as well


And for once he was early! Surprise surprise. I’m not saying he has a tendency to be a late bird but he does. I had only just hopped onto the treadmill to get a mile in before he got when, he got there! He was pumped for. Good workout today. The breakdown

Clean and press- warm up sets with the light bar( 20/15 reps) then 4 sets/10 reps( bar, 55, 60, 60) 5 reps at 65#)

Box jumps- quite a few? Kept doing them in sets of 5. Jumping on the big box now with a plate down too. I have a slight fear of box jumps because I don’t want to slip, scrape up my leg, and smash my face into wherever. I had trainer stand in front when we moved up the height just in case I start falling all over the place

Press and toss?- on smith machine do your basic bench press but as you press, really press so it the bars jumps out of your hands up and then you catch it as it comes down. 5/10( bar->75# total)

Pull-ups- 50. No bands but he did hold my feet. Making progress

Power press- done waaaay back with the two bars and you’re standing and pressing them. 4/15( bar then 5#s added for remaining sets)

Medicine ball lift- his 50 pounder. We were going to split doing 200 together but I can you tell you, I did more than my 100.

Took dexter out for a run then went to yoga tonight. My right hip/leg was kinda bugging me today. My yoga instructor pointed out that my hips kept going back instead of staying forward. He says it’s common with runners. He recommended I swim after every 3rd day of running. To release tensions, strain, everything off the muscles. It sounds so pleasant but I can’t add another thing to my fitness routine. It’s already probably too much at times. Maybe one week we’ll be able to try it out…


Now here is a smart dog. Calvin likes to pick up his bowl and carry it around to find just the right spot to eat. So a lesson to learn from Calvin- enjoy where you eat and you’ll enjoy your meal more. Or then beg for treats haha


My headphones died on me today. Really just the left side. Depending on how it’s fitting in my ear, it might randomly shoot out sound or be muffled silence. So I need new headphones. Any recommendations awesome people?

Photo Set

So the day started off with snow and ice on my car. It’s April people. Aren’t we done with this weather yet? Missed my 7 miles yesterday due to my excessive nap, so I did two laps around the river after work. Ok, so technically not full laps. There’s a break between where the route ‘starts’ and the 3 mile marker where it ‘ends’ and if you run the between part to connect them it’s .2 so it’s a 5k path. I didn’t want to be tempted to stop after my first three so I turned around and went back the other direction. Best not to see the finish versus running through it.

I’m really enjoying the map my run app too. With each mile I was shaving time off my pace. Maybe I’m pacing myself too much at the beginning? Perhaps I just need to trust my legs more.

Was going to run some wedding errands with my mom tonight when work called with a cake emergency. Apparently, a 3 year old would be scarred for life if his cake had blue polka dots. Ok, not really but it was a little ridiculous. That annoyed the hell out of me so I went to the gym afterwards to angry run 3 miles. Just had to vent out the pent up tension. Still learning to not do it through food but through something a bit more productive.

Now for some good reading…


…whoops. I was only going to take a nap. Then I woke up and looked at my phone and it was already 10pm. Oh well. And I’m not even sick. Well I hope not. Now I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Photo Set

Wedding cakes today! The purple one went to a reception at the neatest building in the east village. Very rustic and bare bones. The pink is a display cake for a bridal show tomorrow. Gotta love a touch of gold


Had my date last night with the guy I met last weekend during my bachelorette party night out. I think it went pretty well! Conversation flowed all throughout dinner and then afterwards we took a walk around the sculptural park.
Ok, so I’ve been told I have a random sense of humor and when I’m chatty my wit comes out fairly quick. I hope he doesn’t think I was busting him too much with all that I said. It may have come on strong just because, well, he doesn’t know me at all.
But anyway, I’m thinking yes to a second date with him :)



we did pressing today and i said i want to hit triple digits. when we got up to 95, trainer was like, ok lets do it! 115! and my goodness we did just tons of sets. don’t know all the numbers or reps but it was just awesome. i just felt so strong and pumped up. such a great feeling! 

and then more pressing!

decline bench press- 3/12( bar, 55, 75#)

dumbbell press- 3/12( 20, 25, 20#)

seated row- 2/20( 70#)

lat pulldown- 2/20( 70#)

low cable row- 20( 80#), 20( 95#), then trainer just wanted to have fun so he had me row 5 and then jump 15 pounds. so did 25 more rows getting up to 170

battling ropes- 2 sets- first set 1 min/ 45sec/ 30sec with 15 sec rest in between. second set 45sec/ 30 sec/ 30 sec again with 15 sec rest between. just switching around from alternating, doubles, slams, uppercuts, and hip toss. trainer got some new ropes. they’re a little bit smaller than the ones at the gym so its easier for me to grip and a tad bit lighter

took dexter out for a run again today. 3 miles around the park. he was such a happy boy the whole route :)