My apologies for being rather absent. Updates-

Simply been doing run/walking every day. It’s getting better and just nice and peaceful.

Boyfriend=amazing. Tuesday we drove out to a state park at 11pm just to look at the stars and even saw a shooting star while we were out there.

My sister-in-law yesterday proposed training for a bikini competition. I have no idea why she thought this up. She had hip surgery about 12 weeks ago and still cannot exercise. It would surely takes us at least a year to train, get fit, and maybe know what the hell we are doing. I just don’t want to go overboard again. Going to have to think about this for awhile…


Two-tier with big, fresh gerbera daisies :)

3 mile jog/walk around the lake and 4 new mosquito bites


When you’re sitting in your weight watchers meeting and you realize your workout capris are on inside out…


Photo Set

My boyfriend is so sweet.

I’ve baked him poppy seed and carrot cake cupcakes in the past few weeks. He just had a mint ice cream that was too minty and so told him how I had an ice cream maker and how I was his ‘one-stop sweet shop for all his goodie needs’. This was his response back. We really haven’t talked about how I used to be a bit heavier. I just kind of casually spoke about it once and I’ve never shown him a before and now picture. But, of course, once we were on Facebook he could find all that out for himself. It does feel like a burden is off my shoulders with him just saying this. I didn’t ask for help but he’s there with it.

So happy!


I wish I had energy to do more than two miles but that’s all I had in me tonight. Such a shame really. Hardly anyone was on the lake path so I didn’t have to bob and weave through people just to run.


Went to the lake again tonight! 2 mile jog and a 2 mile walk. I went late to beat the heat and humidity. It still was a little humid and I feel like that just gave the air a musky scent.

Trainer’s work schedule and my schedule don’t mix this week. This is happening more and more. Sad. But on the bright side….

Date tomorrow night :D


2 mile jog, 4 mile walk.


Today’s wedding cake!

Ombré pink ruffles and a fondant bow on top. A small cake really; just 5in and 7in tiered.

I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’m going to remake it for a winter display- 5 tiers, blue ombré ruffled bottom two tiers, smooth ice-blue top three tiers and have gumpaste snowflakes cascade down and then sparkle!


My heart has just been lifted so high it makes trying to be calm and sleepy oh so difficult