I think the goal for each gym session with my sister is just 4 moves and then we take the pup for a walk. Today 3/10-

Bench press
Assisted pull-ups
Assisted dips
Dumbbell chest fly

2 mile walk

Tuesday we are driving up to Minneapolis for the day to go to ikea and then the Mall of America for the rest of our time. She’s already gotten fresh fruit for snacks and I’ll be in charge of beverages. It’s just about a 4 hour drive, so really not a bad day trip

Photo Set

Today’s wedding cakes.

First one is straight out of the 80s. Something bad would happen with practically every step so I just had a panic attack all today.

Second was just a little two tier, gold fondant with coral fondant ruffles and then matching cupcakes.


Like really.

Date 5 happened tonight. I went up to his place for dinner and a movie. We had homemade pizza. Chicken, onions, green beans, with Alfredo sauce. It turned out pretty darn good. Oh, and the vegetables were fresh picked from his back yard. It makes me want to have a green thumb from gardening and not food coloring. I brought some of my poppy seed bread as a dessert/ breakfast for him. Yep, he loved it. Then, we watched ‘Chinatown’. It was very good and had an ending you really don’t see coming. We hung out a bit more before I got sleepy and had to hit the road. That’s the only down side- it takes a good 50 minutes to get to each other. So now it’s 1:30 and I have to get up in a little over 4 hours. Sleepy but oh so happy and content :)


Rope work- 20 minutes( 30 sec on/ 30 off) various moves

Quick feet step ups- 4 minutes( 20 sec on/ 20 off)

Speed deadlifts- 8 minutes( 30 on/ 30 off) 95#

Kicks- singles( 20 each leg) doubles( 20 each leg)



Great date!

Who’s got two thumbs and is pretty darn happy? ->this gal!


If a cookie is decorated to look like a strawberry, could it then be considered a fruit?


4th date tomorrow!

I’m pretty excited. Saturday night he cooked dinner, took me on a driving tour of his town, and then we watched a movie. Tomorrow, he’s coming down here and we’re going to visit the art center. Good times are to be had!


Hyperextensions- 4/10
Straight leg deadlift- 4/10
Bentover bar row- 4/10
Single arm cable row from all fours- 4/10
Pectoral flies- 4/10
Push-ups- 4/10

Because of last week’s leg session, my sister has informed me that she does not like squats, or rather, not with the bar on her back. Oh, she is still going to do squats because that’s my favorite but I’ll give her a modification.


Ugh. Now I have to get up


Last year, she worked out with me once and we did walking lunges. She remembers those and flat out says no to doing those today. I say I only have 4 things I’d like us to do today. She’s ok with that.

(My numbers, not hers)

5 minute crossramp warmup

Squats with bar- 4/10( 105, 125, 135, 135)

Split squat with press- 3/10 each leg(8#db)

Single leg step ups- 3/15 each leg

Leg press- 3/10(260#)

Afterwards, she sent a text to myself and her best friend( also her other MOH and my roommate) saying she was looking for a new maid of honor because the position opened up. I know she is maybe secretly enjoying it but just has to give me a hard time