If a cookie is decorated to look like a strawberry, could it then be considered a fruit?


4th date tomorrow!

I’m pretty excited. Saturday night he cooked dinner, took me on a driving tour of his town, and then we watched a movie. Tomorrow, he’s coming down here and we’re going to visit the art center. Good times are to be had!


Hyperextensions- 4/10
Straight leg deadlift- 4/10
Bentover bar row- 4/10
Single arm cable row from all fours- 4/10
Pectoral flies- 4/10
Push-ups- 4/10

Because of last week’s leg session, my sister has informed me that she does not like squats, or rather, not with the bar on her back. Oh, she is still going to do squats because that’s my favorite but I’ll give her a modification.


Ugh. Now I have to get up


Last year, she worked out with me once and we did walking lunges. She remembers those and flat out says no to doing those today. I say I only have 4 things I’d like us to do today. She’s ok with that.

(My numbers, not hers)

5 minute crossramp warmup

Squats with bar- 4/10( 105, 125, 135, 135)

Split squat with press- 3/10 each leg(8#db)

Single leg step ups- 3/15 each leg

Leg press- 3/10(260#)

Afterwards, she sent a text to myself and her best friend( also her other MOH and my roommate) saying she was looking for a new maid of honor because the position opened up. I know she is maybe secretly enjoying it but just has to give me a hard time


68 degrees at noon today! Did a two mile jog/ walk around the lake and then…

Tonight I had a second date with a guy! I signed up for an online dating site and I’ve gone out on a few dates already. This is the first one I’ve decided to go on another date with because the first went pretty well, whereas everyone else had some red flags pop up. We spent a good long time at dinner chitchatting away, walked around the sculptural park downtown, drove around and talked, picked up hot chocolate and tea, then went and walked around the lake, and then sat and talked in my car for another hour. Yes, definitely going to go on a third date with him! :D


In my sister’s card to me asking me to be her maid-of-honor, she used a lot of expletives also requesting I whip her into shape. Yesterday, we started. Her goal is to lose 40-50 pounds in 8 months. She has lost 40 before but gained it back and then some since she met her fiancé. She’s doing this for her though, not just for her wedding. She used to be in that mode of consistent healthy, portioned eating and decent exercise habits. We’re just bringing that back now.

Yesterday we eased into it with some upper body- (weights listed for myself, though I am keeping a notebook to track my sister’s progress as well)

All 3 sets/ 12 reps
Lat pulldown- 65#
Bent over bar row- 65#
Incline dumbbell press- 20#
Single arm dumbbell row- 20#
Squat cable row- 65#
Kettlebell swings- 20# for 60 sec/ 45 sec/ 30 sec

We then went to the lake to walk the 2 mile path with her dog/ my running buddy Dexter. When we were practically to the end of the loop, she noticed her car key became unhooked from the leash( which they show on Pinterest and every pet hack site to do). So then I jogged the path in reverse to look for the key. No such luck but hey, bonus exercise I wasn’t planning on!


First, 3 miles jog/walk around the lake at noon. 75 degrees, light breeze= glorious weather. So lovely

Assisted pull-ups- 3/10

Hyperextensions to warm up back

10- 95#
Drop set- 3(175), 5(135)
Drop set- 5(135), 6(115)

Bent over bar row- 20( 55#), 15( 75#)x2

Hyperextensions- 15( 25# plate), 15( 15# dumbbells)

Seated row- 15( 70#)

Lat pulldown- 15( 60#)

Leg lift with pullover- 3/20( 18#bar)

Bar curl- 3/20( 18#bar)


It really is

Warm-up walk

SQUATS- 4/10( 145#) with some warm ups with bar, 25s, 45s

Walking lunges- 3 sets down the gym and back 20# dumbbell

Later, walked 4 miles at the lake. It’s so nice at dusk :)


My piping bag frosting rainbow!